About us

GPUCONNECT is a UK based Limited company based in Berkshire and founded in 2021 as a supplier of bespoke, handmade cables and adapters serving the enthusiast DIY PC markets.  This was as a result of identifying a need that was not met in the market at that time.  The business was started on ebay, soon followed with the creation of our dedicated website and over the last couple of years has seen a growth in the range of products available, largely due to the feedback and requests of our loyal customer base.

We specialise in hard to find products, graphics card modification cables, adapters and GPU / PC cooling solutions.  We welcome customer feedback and requests, and are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

We are supportive of the right to repair, with a significant proportion of our products are aimed to provide easy DIY repair solutions for PC hardware and peripherals.  We ship our packages efficiently in 100% recyclable outer packaging and would ask our customers to recycle these when are where possible.