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RGB Hub 10-Port 5V 3-Pin Splitter SATA Power Adapter

RGB Hub 10-Port 5V 3-Pin Splitter SATA Power Adapter

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RGB Hub for splitting an RGB signal up to 10 ways. This 10-in-1 hub is compatible with ASUS / MSI / Gigabyte / ASROCK and other motherboards using 5V/3-Pin D-RGB headers. Provides flexible cable management and complete system LED control via motherboard control. Powered by a SATA header, this controller can power the LEDs via a single power supply connection.

The hub provides a 3M backing for easy internal placement within the PC. Connections are covered by a 3mm acrylic sheet which protects connections from shorting and firmly secures the cables.

50cm motherboard connection wire included, connected to the central control port (see listing image).

Please Note:
  • This can only be connected to a +5V D-RGB Header (3-Pin). The motherboard controls are devices connected via the 50cm cable connection (included).

  • Not compatible with 4-Pin (12V) ports. This is a powered splitter opposed to a controller, so all devices are synchronised.

  • Acrylic cover should be loosened for install, and tightened following cable placement to ensure they are securely held.


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