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AMD Radeon 7900 XTX 7-Pin to Standard Dual 4-Pin PWM Fan Adapter Cable for GPUs

AMD Radeon 7900 XTX 7-Pin to Standard Dual 4-Pin PWM Fan Adapter Cable for GPUs

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This is a 7 pin to dual 4 pin adapter for the AMD Radeon 7900 XTX (AMD Reference) graphics cards, for use when DeShroud modding. This will connect directly into the GPU's 7pin header and provide a 2 fan standard fan output for use with 120mm or 92mm 12v PWM fans like the Noctua series.  Full control can then be provided via the GPU firmware or can be changed with MSI Afterburner.
  • Dual 4 pin PWM Outputs
  • Compatible with standard fans (12v)
  • Lower Noise
  • Better thermals
  • Increased Overclocks

Deshrouding can reduce noise, increase thermal efficiency, overclocking headroom and performance. As standard this cable provides 2 outputs. A standard primary output and a secondary output. The RPM reading is taken from the primary output, and the secondary fan speed matches the first. This ensures consistency and a correct fan rpm reading.

By using this type of cable, the GPU firmware controls the fan speed, which is directly linked the the GPU speed without additional 3rd party software. We would however recommend adjusting the fan curve using MSI afterbuner following the completion of a deshroud mod.

We only recommend 2 fans on this card, or limiting the total power draw to below 10 Watts.

*This cable acts as a fan splitter, with synced fan speeds (RPM) and single control line. 

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The following products are known compatible with this deshroud adapter:

AMD Radeon 7900 XTX (AMD version)


Installation is simple... with the PC powered down and disconnected, connect the white end to the GPU header, being careful to check the direction of the plug is correct. If correct it should seat easily.

Connect the PWM black ends to your standard, 12v PWM fans. Please note whilst you can daisy chain to power up to 3 fans going above this can create an unnecessary power draw on your fan header and is not recommended.

Following install, with the case open, power on the system and check the fans start to spin. If they don't power down immediately and check the GPU against the compatibility list or contact us.


Cables are provided as standard with black cable, white GPU connection and black PWM sockets.

Approx length is 10 cm

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Why deshroud?

Motherboard fan headers can often be reassigned to monitor GPU temperatures, however will require an often unwanted 3rd party application to be installed to do this.  The control of fans by motherboard headers often can cause overheating or other issues due to the software processing required to maintain control, and the fan curve is not directly linked to overclock or under-volt settings which would be required from a secondary application.  A deshroud mod will also require 2 fan headers to be used, preventing them from being used elsewhere in the system.

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