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ARGB Adapter - 3Pin / 4Pin to Motherboard RGB - For MSI Phanteks LianLi Deepcool

ARGB Adapter - 3Pin / 4Pin to Motherboard RGB - For MSI Phanteks LianLi Deepcool

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Easily connect non-standard RGB components to your motherboard with our versatile RGB adapter. This adapter allows you to convert unique RGB connections into a standard 4-pin RGB header, ensuring compatibility with most motherboards. Whether you’re dealing with RGB fans, strips, or other lighting accessories, this adapter simplifies the integration process, making your custom PC build more cohesive and visually stunning.

Designed for seamless installation, our RGB adapter provides a secure connection, maintaining optimal performance and synchronisation of your RGB lighting. Its compact design ensures it fits easily within your PC case, helping you achieve a clean and organised setup. Ideal for modders and PC enthusiasts, this adapter is essential for anyone looking to maximise their RGB lighting options.

Adapters include a female to male pin header to allow daisy chain connections.  Suitable for use with a variety of fans including DEEPCOOL, LianLi, MSI and Phanteks however please carefully check suitability before purchase!  Use the photos to identify the correct cable for your application.


  • Length: 50cm
  • Wire: UL 1007 22AWG
  • Compatibility: Universal* including DEEPCOOL, LianLi, MSI & Phanteks

Key Features:

  • Converts non-standard RGB connections to a standard 4-pin RGB header
  • Compatible with most motherboards
  • Simplifies integration of various RGB components
  • Ensures secure and reliable connections
  • Compact design for easy installation and cable management

*Note: This adapter is designed to convert a 4-pin connection to a 4-pin header.  Please check the pin layout before connecting to avoid any damage to your components.


If you are unsure if the product is compatible or right for you or compatible please ask us! In the unlikely event you need to return we offer hassle free returns. See our returns policy for more information.

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